Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Essential Duties:

Duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Develops unique ways to deliver mental health care in a compassionate, expedited, and patient-centered manner in a street medicine-based team environment.

  • Assesses patient mental health by interviewing patients, performing examinations, obtaining, updating, and studying medical histories.

  • Generates differential diagnoses for acute, chronic and/or undifferentiated illnesses and formulates management plan that address these illnesses

  • Identifies opportunities to promote and maintain wellness in patients utilizing screening and prevention guidelines and understands barriers in achieving wellness in people experiencing homelessness and work to address those barriers.

  • Utilizes critical thinking and decision making when independently developing treatment plans for patients experiencing homelessness.

  • Documents patient care and clinical decision making accurately and efficiently in the agency’s Electronic Medical Record and meets agency requirements regarding timeliness of chart completion and productivity expectations.

  • Coordinates patient-centered care of individuals experiencing homelessness using a multidisciplinary team and community resources. Is able to navigate the complex care requirements necessary for effectively caring for those experiencing homelessness.

  • Applies evidence-based care principles in treatment of patients experiencing homelessness, integrating patient preferences in care plans.

  • Appropriately utilizes healthcare resources in the management of patients experiencing homelessness (specialist referrals, ED referrals, lab utilization and medication management) with a goal of decreased fragmentation of healthcare.

  • Maintains positive therapeutic relationships with patients, using language and nonverbal behavior to demonstrate respect and establish rapport.

  • Collaborates and effectively seeks consultation with physicians and other care providers as needed in the provision of care and the formulation of treatment plans.

  • Provides continuity of care by developing and implementing patient management plans and care transitions.

  • Assesses patient health learning levels to provide medical information and health education in culturally and linguistically appropriate communication techniques.

  • Assists patients in identifying barriers to care and social determinants of health and appropriately refers patients to community resources as needed.

  • Contributes to the integrated care team’s activities around process improvement, workflow design and training.

  • Uses data systems to monitor gaps in care.

  • Maintains an exceptional level of customer service; addresses and resolves complaints; serves as an example by providing excellent service to internal and external customers, employees and patients.

  • Maintains continuing medical education, licensure, credentialing, and privileging requirements at all times.

  • Maintains safe and clean working environments by complying with procedures, rules, and regulations.

  • Complies with federal, state, and local legal professional requirements by studying existing and new legislation; enforces adherence to requirements; advises management on needed actions.

  • Embraces and promotes a professional working environment based on understanding and respect for diversity and multi-culturalism in all of its forms; demonstrates sensitivity, acknowledges varied beliefs, attitudes, behaviors, and customs, and encourages communication and appreciation of all forms of diversity.

  • Maintains patient confidentiality by controlling the environment and information being disclosed to authorized individuals ensuring HIPAA and organizational compliance requirements at all times.

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