Medical Assistant Associate (Non-Exempt)

The purpose of the Entry-Level Medical Assistant is to assist newly graduated or on the job trained Medical Assistants with basic qualifications a training environment for skills necessary to function in a medical clinic. The training process will provide a learning situation for those with minimal skills to advance to an independent Medical Assistant in giving support and services to patients, and healthcare providers within a clinical team.


Qualifications: Must be bilingual in English and Spanish. High School Diploma or GED. Diploma from a non- accredited Medical Assistant School with a minimum of 180 hours of training through an internship or on the job training with a private medical practice for at least one (1) year, if there is no formal training from a non-accredited Medical Assistant School. Current Medical Assistant Certificate or diploma from a non-accredited program. Current CPR and/or BLS certification. At six (6) months must pass a Medical Assistant skills test with 80% or better to advance to an independent Medical Assistant level.


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