Residency Program Director (APRN)

Job Purpose: The APRN Residency Program Director is responsible for planning, directing, and overseeing the
operations and fiscal health of the (department, business unit division or operating unit) within El Rio Health. The
APRN Residency Program Director is responsible for directing and monitoring assigned staff and projects to
accomplish goals for the APRN Residency Program (department, business unit division or operating unit) and El Rio
Health organizational goals.

The primary goal of the El Rio Health APRN Residency Program is to support El Rio’s Mission of providing
comprehensive, quality health care that is affordable and accessible to all who may have healthcare needs, by
successfully performing the primary essential functions.

The following functions and responsibilities will contribute to El Rio Health to achieve its KEY RESULTS:
1. World Class Experience for staff and patients
2. Healthier patients and employees
3. Positive Financial Result

Essential Job Functions:

  • Develops, implements, coordinates, integrates, and evaluates the work of the residency program to assure attainment of program goals.
  • Leads responsibility for achieving and maintaining National Nurse Practitioner Residency & Fellowship Training Consortium Accreditation Standards.
  • Promotes the brand, reputation, and model of postgraduate NP training through writing, research, presentation, and policy activities as assigned by El Rio Health.
  • Creates and maintains collaborations with national NP Residency partners with the goal of promoting NP residencies in FQHCs.
  • Coordinates strategic planning for ongoing growth and development of residency program.
  • Collaborates with organizational leadership and Medical Directors in the development of clinic site physical design, workflow design, clinical protocol development, and staffing requirements.
  • Collaborates with and acts as a consultant to FQHC and look-alike organizations in the region pursuing development of postgraduate NP training programs.
  • Provides active, engaged leadership to Rural Health Partners during planning, implementation, and ongoing operation of program, including faculty support and guidance.
  • Creates a work environment of professional practice by encouraging innovation and collaboration actualizing human caring, eliciting commitment to excellence, demonstrating a respect for diversity.
  • Establishes policies, procedures, and protocols for the residency program.
  • Oversees the preparation and maintenance of appropriate records and reports.
  • Supervises staff and teaching activities of Residency Program Core Faculty.
  • Provides leadership and direction for the residency faculty to include faculty development, meeting management, conflict resolution, etc.
  • Supervises clinical teaching responsibilities and serves as advisor when appropriate.
  • Recruits, selects, educates/trains, administers corrective action, and evaluates resident performance through direct observation and faculty consultation.
  • Leads program and employees, hires, trains, provides personal growth opportunities, assigns workloads/projects, monitors and evaluates performance, initiates corrective and/or disciplinary actions, and performs all other related leadership functions, as needed for the program.
  • Performs and oversees educational activities and tasks such as curriculum development/revision, and initial reviews.
  • Ensures the quality of comprehensive, didactic, and clinical education.
  • Evaluates program and faculty.
  • Engages community partners for external precepting, didactic partnership and program promotion.
  • Plans, develops, and monitors APRN Residency Program budget in collaboration with El Rio Health Finance Department and others.
  • Leads, Coordinates and/or conducts on-site meetings and training with medical providers and other El Rio sponsored teaching programs.
  • Actively participates in Quality Improvement program and activities, as needed for the program and health system.
  • Initiates Quality projects and/or process improvement to attain quality service delivery, as needed for the program and health system.
  • Provides guidance and expert advice to management or other groups on technical, systems or process related topics.
  • Sets the direction, creates linkages among programs and departments, as needed, leads staff, and establishes targets necessary to achieve El Rio Key Results and mission in empowering staff and promoting a work environment of service, teamwork, and respect.
  • Effectively communicates and interacts with patients, families, staff from diverse backgrounds.
  • Maintains at least 400 hours of direct patient care per year.
  • Performs duties of a Nurse Practitioner as described in the APRN job description.
  • Maintains Core Faculty position for APRN Residency Program.

Minimum Education and Experience:

  • Master of Science in Nursing from an accredited college or university.
  • Five (5) years of experience as a Nurse Practitioner within an FQHC Setting
  • Five (5) years of experience precepting students in a primary care setting.
  • Seven (7) years of supervisory experience; preferably in a healthcare environment

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