Registered Dental Hygienist (Exempt)


The care of dental patients by a dental hygienist includes assessment of the patient’s oral health condition, screening for oral cancer, head and neck inspection, and dental charting.  This candidate must be able to take dental x-rays, remove calculus and plaque on surfaces of the teeth, and be able to apply sealants and fluoride. This member of the dental health team will assist in teaching patients techniques in oral hygiene methods, counsel patients regarding nutrition and its impact on oral health, make impressions of patient’s teeth for casts and perio-charting.


Hygiene Degree or Certification in Hygiene from a college/school accredited by the American Dental Association. Licensed by the Arizona State Board of Dental Examiners, current Arizona state Local Anesthesia certificate, Current DEA certificate and renewed by law, current CPR certificate, renewed by law. Minimum of two to five years of experience preferred in the Dental Hygiene field. Prefer bilingual in both English and Spanish.

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