Family Medicine Physician, MD or DO

This position serves as Family Practice Physician and is responsible for the delivery of family oriented medical services and provides general professional guidance of primary are staff. This position provides patient evaluation, prescribing and medication monitoring services to the family practice patients of Valle del Sol.



  • Provides comprehensive primary health care to patients that includes physical exams, diagnosis, and treatment of acute and chronic conditions and is expected to conduct 18-24 patient visits per day
  • Educates patients and/or families about preventive care, medical issues, and use of prescribed medical treatments and/or medications.
  • Orders, interprets, and evaluates diagnostic tests to identify and assess patient’s clinical problems and health care needs.
  • Records physical findings, and formulates plan and prognosis, based on patient’s condition.
  • Submits health care plan and goals of individual patients.
  • Maintains patient medical records utilizing electronic medical records (EMR) and provides appropriate, complete, and timely EMR documentation for all services, meeting the requirements of health plans and funding sources
  • Prescribes or recommends drugs or other forms of treatment such as physical therapy, inhalation therapy, or related therapeutic procedures.
  • Facilitates quality standards according to protocols and receives and implements constructive directives.
  • Periodically answer calls regarding refills or patient questions
  • Ensures that State and Federal regulations governing assignment of prescription medications, are followed.
  • Maintains a clean, functional environment including cleaning and disinfection of equipment, exam rooms and storage areas.
  • Disinfects equipment and instruments using appropriate solutions. Follows manufacturer’s recommendations and OSHA guidelines in handling of hazardous substances. Performs basic maintenance of equipment and coordinates needed maintenance for prompt repairs.
  • Attend and actively participate in the quarterly Medical Management Committee’s review of medical and clinical data obtained from peer review chart audits and external audit findings; assist in the development of action plans for identified deficits or need for system improvements.
  • Work with Medical Directors to develop uniform standards for medical practice implementation and documentation.
  • Work collaboratively with agency clinical services to ensure smooth and efficient delivery of primary care services.
  • Participate in multidisciplinary team meetings and case staffing with program staff and supervisors.


Integrity and Honesty

We always tell the truth and do what we say

  • I live the vision and values, both personally and professionally (e.g. actively seek out opportunities to fulfill the agency’s vision; use the agency’s values in making decisions and clarifying choices)
  • I represent my skills accurately and refer to others when needed (e.g. recognize challenges and view constructive feedback as learning opportunities)

We value everyone: their talents, beliefs and uniqueness

  • I accept and seek to understand the traditions, culture, backgrounds, and faith practices of others (e.g. step outside your comfort zone in order to provide the best/ most appropriate services for all customers)
  • I treat others with empathy, positive regard and open-mindedness in all my interactions (e.g. refrain from passing judgment; make others feel accepted and valued)

We keep our promises to our self, staff, service recipients, stakeholders

  • I follow through with my commitments by doing my job and honoring my promises (e.g. show up prepared and on time to work, meetings and events; adhere to the VdS Code of Ethics).

We work in unison towards a shared vision

  • I use strength-based words and actions with my coworkers and customers (e.g. establish and maintain effective working relationships with others; orchestrate “win-win” solutions)
  • I collaborate with my coworkers to foster a positive and enthusiastic work environment (e.g. share information and resources with others; encourage open communication; contribute work and effort to meet agreed upon objectives and achieve team success)


We create the standards by which all others are measures

  • I utilize my training funds to gain additional knowledge that will help me do my job better (e.g. work with supervisor to identify areas of potential growth; set challenging goals; strive for self-improvement).
  • I strive to implement best practices and adhere to standards (e.g. pursue information to reduce uncertainty; be results oriented; find ways to do things better; meet quality standards).

We preserve the dignity of all people and always treat others with courtesy.



  • People with this competence:
    • Understand customers’ needs and match them to services or products.
    • Seek ways to increase customers’ satisfaction and loyalty.
      Gladly offer appropriate assistance
    • Grasp a customer’s perspective, acting as a trusted advisor.

  • People with this competence:
    • Are effective in give-and-take, registering emotional cues in attuning their message.
    • Deal with difficult issues straightforwardly.
    • Utilize supervision consistently and effectively
    • Are proactive, expressing concerns, needs and issues early and working to find solutions
    • Offer follow-up to other staff/patients to ensure information is received and needs are met.

  • People with this competence:
    • Seek out formal and informal relationships that are mutually beneficial.
    • Build trust and rapport
    • Maintain a balance of completing tasks and cultivating relationships

  • People with this competence:
    • Offer useful feedback in order to contribute to the growth and experience of others.
    • Hold themselves and other accountable.
    • Initiate and promote enthusiasm for our shared vision and mission.
    • Model the change and behaviors that our expected of others.
    • Demonstrate and create trust in the environment.


  • Current National Board Certification in practice area
  • Arizona State license to practice as Medicine as a Physician
  • Effective verbal, written, and electronic communication skills
  • Outstanding organization skills and ability to multi-task
  • Exercises judgment and takes initiative to problem-solve, is creative, adaptable, and flexible
  • Possesses ability to collaborate with professional colleagues as necessary to provide quality care
  • Consistently presents a friendly, welcoming, and professional demeanor with the patients and colleagues
  • Able to provide culturally sensitive services
  • Hep Vaccine, Immunization Records
  • Must have or able to obtain valid Level One Fingerprint Clearance Card.
  • Must possess reliable transportation, valid driver’s license, and proof of auto insurance.
  • Basic Life Support trained or the ability to be trained within 90 days of hire date.
  • Must receive the first dose of COVID-19 vaccine within the first week of hire date, and the second dose within 8 weeks of hire date
  • TB Screening Record and PPD/QuantiFERON/Chest x-ray as applicable upon hire


  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office and EMR
  • Membership in professional organizations
  • Specialized certifications as applicable
  • Prefer knowledge of multicultural populations.



  1. Sitting and standing for long periods of time.
  1. Ability to travel throughout the facility and, if needed, special physical aids may be supplied.
  2. The ability of clear and concise verbal communication.

  1. Comprehensive writing skills.
  1. Comprehensive communication skills.
  2. Willingness to conduct business in a team approach.

  1. Majority of work is performed in a clinic setting.
  1. Some travel is required and, if needed, special arrangements may be made.
  2. Must demonstrate the ability to work with other staff members.


 Computer (Windows environment), multi-purpose copier


How to Apply:

Please submit cover letter and resume in PDF format to



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