Health Professions Students & Residents

Preparing for a Healthcare Career

The Central Arizona Area Health Education Center (CAAHEC) seeks to provide students in healthcare professions with unique and rewarding community-based education and training, both clinical and non-clinical rotations and internships, in rural and underserved communities. The purpose of the health professions training program is to increase the number of clinicians in Arizona’s medically underserved areas, specifically in primary and preventative medical, dental and behavioral health.

Teaming up with primary care providers who act as preceptors or mentors, students have the opportunity to experience primary care first-hand. Students participate in the daily activities of the medical facilities, gain knowledge of the health care needs of the community, the social determinants of health that impact the community, and learn skills to better serve and improve clinical health outcomes of their patients.


Primary care students with a serious desire for exploring an opportunity with rotation sites offering services to underserved populations are encouraged to apply for a rotation by filling out an online application.


CAAHEC assists in placing students for community-based non-clinical internship opportunities. Through academic-community partnerships, CAAHEC can help connect students to experiences at community-based organizations.